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Senior Model Program

Here at Amber Lynn Photography & Styling, our Senior Representatives are called Senior Models! They are the face of the brand and represent the photography business to their schools, friends, and local community. So what exactly are the perks and responsibilities of being a Senior Model? 

Perks: You get an awesome discount of 50% off any senior photography package--that means full sessions as low as only $125! Professional makeup application is included FOR FREE, and I will work individually with you to embrace your own unique style for your senior session, including a wardrobe consultation beforehand. Also, you get referral cards to pass along to your friends or classmates so that they can receive a discounted session!

Responsibilities: As a Senior Model, you are a representative of Amber Lynn Photography & Styling, and you and your parent or guardian must consent to the possibility of your images being used on our website and potential promotional materials and advertising. We ask that after your session, you leave a review/recommendation on our Facebook page! You must agree to an exclusivity agreement stating that you will not have any other professional individual portraits done during your senior year, other than mandatory school or athletic portraits. Family and group photos are perfectly fine, and you can contact me about any other necessary exceptions! If you are accepted as a Senior Model, you will be sent a Senior Model Contract for you and your parent or guardian to sign and agree to! 

How to Apply:

Using the contact form below, send me a message including your name, email, and phone number (optional). In the Subject box, write "Senior Model Application".

*It is preferred that our Senior Models have an active Facebook account for contacting, tagging, and sharing purposes. An active Instagram account is also a plus!


In the Message box, please include:

  • Which High School you attend

  • Your month and year of graduation

  • Your Facebook username, and Instagram username if applicable 

  • Your favorite in-school or extracurricular activities

  • What excites you most about your senior year or graduation!

  • Bonus: any specific or preferred location, season, makeup styling, or other ideas that you'd like to incorporate in your session!

*Due to limited space, only one Senior Model will be accepted from any given high school in Whatcom County, and there may not be a representative from every single high school.  You will be contacted within two weeks with a response to your application! If you are under 18, be sure to have your parent/guardian's permission to become a Senior Model, as they will be contacted to fill out an agreement form if you are accepted!

Success! Message received.

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